Sports Therapy

As well as a running coach I am  a qualified Sports Therapist.

I work in Chesterfield at Holywell Healthcare, I am available for home visits in Peak District providing sports massage.

Anyone who engages in physical activity for the purpose of sports or fitness – irrespective of age, level of fitness or level of training – can benefit from Sports Massage.

Sports & Remedial Massage            Injury assessment           Posture Assesment   
                             Injury Rehabilitation                         Sports Taping

Whether you’re an elite athlete, take part in sport socially or someone who spends all day at the office or in the car, you will benefit from sports massage.

The techniques we use can release the tension that builds up in the body’s soft tissues due to over-use, after injury or through inactivity; such as sitting in front of a PC all day. Athletes with injuries or problems that are inhibiting performance will find that the stimulatory effects or sports massage encourage the healing process.

How can Sports Massage Help?
Sports massage is specifically designed to assist you in your sport or fitness activities. Sports massage is concerned primarily with:

–  Muscular and skeletal alignment
-  How exercise affects the body’s systems
-  How massage can promote or reduce these effects for your benefit as an athlete

Many of the aims of sports massage, such as injury prevention and the promotion of recovery from exercise, are therefore quite different from the aims of other forms of massage.

  • About Marcus

    I am no stranger to long endurance events, coming from an orienteering background. I ran my first ultra marathon in 2008, finishing 2nd.

    This year I've so far won the Spine Challenger Race and the Iznik and set a coarse record on both races.

    I'm part of the team at the Accelerate Performance centre in Sheffield, I cover Sports Therapy, Endurance Coaching and Lactate Testing
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